I research, ponder & write books & blogs. I love curious anecdotes and musings on art, life & what makes us ‘us’.

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Barb Drummond has been writing and researching, mostly on eighteenth century British history, for over a decade. she had appeared on tv and radio and been commissioned by the Empire and Commonwealth Museum. She has sold thousands of books at fairs and markets which helps her connect with her audience, as well as the usual outlets.

She climbs mountains to see past times.

She burrows for hidden stories and lures them into the open to reveal their secrets.

She asks why things happened, who was involved, how could they think it was a good idea.

Sometimes she finds diamonds, or dust of things that mattered.

She finds a single name, or a sentence, that lights up the sky like fireworks. Or she finds silence, which can also bear great meaning.

She seeks patterns, themes, traces. Or shapes left by them.

Sometimes she uses guesses to patch what is missing, but she makes it from the best possible material.


My New Blog

As this website is not built for blogs, my new site is: https://barbdrummondcurioushistorian.com

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I love to hear from my readers and followers. If you would like to get in touch, just drop me an email: curioushistorian@outlook.com


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