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Bright Sea Media

This website was set up to help promote and sell my new books. Bur unfortunately the above company has failed miserably to achieve this. They were asked to include a blog back in June, but it did not include stats or any working links to social media to promote the...

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The Countdown Begins

The books are completed, and now this website is live, so I am moving here after my 6 year run at texthistory.com. This will be bigger, brighter and more informative, but right now I am unbelievably tired. Wrangling 3 books into 5 formats and getting the cover...

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Reading a Chapel

This is a wall painting in the mediaeval parish church of St Teilo, now in St Fagan’s Museum of Welsh Life near Cardiff, Wales. The walls of the church are covered with gloriously naive paintings, lovingly restored and full of Christian images to tell stories to the...

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