This website was set up to help promote and sell my new books. Bur unfortunately the above company has failed miserably to achieve this. They were asked to include a blog back in June, but it did not include stats or any working links to social media to promote the blog posts. Eventually this was achieved, but there is still no means for me to follow or to be followed, which utterly defeats the purpose of it. They don’t seem to understand this.

So, 4 months after this blog should have been working, they decided I should link it instead to my long-running blog series texthistory, which I had already signed off from, and which I had explained was impossible to save any posts. They told me to move my posts and part of the website to my old site. They also linked it without my consent but have now unlinked it.

So this has now become a waste of time and money floating in the void instead of doing the job I invested so much time and money on. Well done Liz and Aelryd!

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