The books are completed, and now this website is live, so I am moving here after my 6 year run at This will be bigger, brighter and more informative, but right now I am unbelievably tired. Wrangling 3 books into 5 formats and getting the cover designed and to required size has seen me blundering round in the dark, bouncing off walls and nursing bruises, but it’s all done.

Now the really hard work begins: selling these strange stories to you, dear readers and to a largely unsuspecting world. For anyone hoping to publish, I can assure you there is nothing like the arrival of your first proof. Of removing the wrapping and seeing your name in print, flicking through the pages that you wrote, the photographs that you took and converted, all in the font and design that you chose. And the cover. The beautiful, unique cover.

Some people talk of their books as being their children. I don’t see that. Because in a strange way they’re not mine at all. Especially with the story of Henry Bridges, it’s more like he came to me and wanted – or needed – his story told. Does that sound weird? I am also mindful of the final line of Henry Miller’s play The Death of a Salesman which ends with something like, attention must be paid to him, he does not deserve to fall into his grave and forgotten.

So maybe my role has been that of a midwife, or even a medium. I am bringing these extraordinary people and their stories into the modern world. As an author I cannot really judge how well I’ve done. That’s up to you, dear readers. Enjoy!


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